The Coffee Sessions: Fürth Kaffee and Jonas Reindl

Caffeine this way!

After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

Vienna, the gateway to my favourite part of Europe, the East. This imperialistic city is quite beautiful to hang out in for a quick weekend city break. Nestled in between the perfectly neat, lined, picturesque buildings, arguably offensive it is so much so, there are numerous cafes to be found. Historic and some truly majestic buildings play host to coffee and brunch. The same though cannot be said about the actual taste of coffee. There is a huge cafe culture in Vienna, however not so much of a coffee culture. So it was is with great pleasure to know the influences from Eastern Europe are apparent and the third wave coffee movement is moving in. Two places I visited perfectly state this sentiment; a cute artisan cafe Fürth Kaffee and the perfectly located Jonas Reindl.

Fürth Kaffee

Innocently located inclined on Kirchengasse, the cafe can be easily missed if it were not for a sign on the pavement simply stating, “Caffeine this way”. For the coffee addicts amongst us, you’re going to stop and look. The unassuming entrance hides a humble interior, with the requisite shelf porn showing off their coffee, random seating, complimenting a friendly large communal table and a small bar to order from. Ordering my usual double espresso first trying out single origin sourced from Rwanda, I sat outside on the windowsill bench. Placing my coffee on a wonderful impromptu table atop what appears to be a milk crate, took a sip of water and then my coffee. Finally. Finally all week I was craving this coffee. Smooth, slightly sweet with hints of spice rolling around my taste buds. Yes, I closed my eyes and smiled. What a feeling, summer breeze, sat outside, quiet, cigarette in one hand, awesome coffee touching my lips after one of those weeks. This is my personal therapy. Before ordering my second round, I popped to the restroom, which was a tiny little room tucked away at the back. No interesting decor to speak of but what was interesting were three articles framed from Forbes, New York Times and Timeout. All lovingly promoting the place. It was weird it was placed in the toilets and not in the lounge itself. Humility or the fact it’s always nice to have something to read in the toilet? I’ll let you decide. My macchiato using their own arabica blend was delicious and just proved these guys were all about their passion for simply good tasting coffee.

Jonas Reindl

With the Votive Church as its backdrop Jonas Reindl epitomises a classic third wave coffee joint. Large industrial cool wooden table topped tables, both individual and communal, propped up bar stools, hip looking baristas and a plethora of single origin coffees to choose from. What was really great to see was the information of their coffee the region, taste profiles and how the beans were processed. It’s a great touch and fantastic talking point between customers and staff. It’s all about sharing the passion. The barista was so over the moon upon ordering like it was his first time someone asked him for a coffee. Adorable and makes you want to keep drinking more. My choice was from Nicaragua with its chocolate and citrus undertones. Yummy. The vibes here to me were either a catch up with friends or sitting outside people watching as the trams pass by. Both perfectly complimenting the delicious coffee.

If these two places are a sign of how coffee houses are changing in Vienna, then I cannot wait to come back to explore further. Peace and Love.

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