2017 – The Last Word

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After reflecting on the year that has passed, I’ve written about my personal journey this year, social media experience, brief thoughts on whats been happening in the world and travel highlights. I wanted to put down some final closing thoughts and maybe there is some form of lessons learnt verbatim. Very recently a friend mentioned to me, you have to give, without intention. So I’d like to start to give something at the end of the year for us all to start the new year at least with a smile of positivity.

It Will Happen

No matter how low things become, now matter how dire your situation, no matter the walls of silence you receive, remember one thing; IT WILL HAPPEN. There is a caveat though, you cannot just sit around waiting for it to happen. I am  great believer in that you are in control of your own destiny. By that I mean you have the power to make things happen. It is easier said than done, totally agree, and there is a fine balance between hopelessness and hopefulness. Whatever method you choose or try, review the effectiveness of it, tweak, refine or in some cases stop and try something else.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

I battled a lot questioning my self worth this year. At some times, thinking with some conviction that I was utterly useless and have nothing to offer. If there’s only one thing you take away from this, is to stop thinking that RIGHT NOW. I know it is easier said than done, even when you do the exercise of sitting down and writing down your qualities, because you start to even question that. One thing that helped me, was talk to people. I talked to ex colleagues, old bosses, friends, strangers, professional contacts, and the feedback really helped. People love to talk when asked questions, yes sometimes you have to filter out the bullshit, but the value you get in return is hugely beneficial. The best thing about this, its free. The only investment needed is your courage and time. You are awesome.

Change of Routine

A great enabler to help change ones mindset and stay fresh, modify your daily or weekly routine. For me, I very quickly didn’t have a routine 🙂 which was bad. So I started from scratch built my routine up with time blocks of activity. I then modified a little to keep things fresh and energised. I rejuvenated my fitness activity, but this time I switched it from night time workouts to early morning. I started writing and this blog was a result of it. I even added a coffee time break to reflect and review. As a result, two major results; workouts not only made me disciplined but also reinvigorating to not only my body but mind; writing enabled me to document my thoughts, and upon reading back I realised ways and actions to keep moving forward. So with a positive mindset, I uncovered more roads, more paths, more ways to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Progressive Goals

Just like when your working out at the gym, the next time you go, you add on a bit more weight for your exercise, or one more rep. Small, progressive goals to achieve each time. the same applies outside the gym. No matter how small, keep setting a little goal each day/ week and the results will come.

Have Fun

This is often forgotten and not mentioned. I have to say this year, even though was tough, I had fun. I made sure I did. It was actually during having “fun” a lot of what I’ve talked about above, helped come to fruition. Life is short, enjoy it.

The Last Word

There are so many other topics I can continue talking about, and I will for sure. For now, no matter if you’re in a place of success, a place of failure, or place of the unknown, I truly believe the above can at least bring some form of positivity. As we head into the new year, I want to refer you to this article by a friend on the subtle but significant difference between resolutions and promises, the mantra of No Excuses, right? and finally to all of you, an awesome New Year! Here’s to 2018, lets make it happen, we can do this! Peace & Love.

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Happy New Year!