(Half) Millenium

Almost a year ago I delved into the world of Instagram. After posting over 500 posts, I have hit the 500 followers mark starting with less than a 100.

Wow! I can hear you all saying both out loud and in your head sarcastically. Look I know this is extremely (but oh so cute) ridiculous celebrating but just hear me out. However I have to say, the number did keep bouncing up and down I because of one trend I noticed over this year, follow then unfollow. Ughhhh I hate that. Although understandable in this cut throat world of young age influencers. It’s so much pressure for you. I get you. I’m a solid 520 now at time of writing. Oh how I will chuckle if by the time this is read it’s below 500.

In any case for me, getting this many followers is just plain awesome. Not because I want to enter any realms of monetising this shit, but the fact that at least there are close to 500 people who genuinely enjoy my posts.

As I wrote in another piece, instagram was my happy place. It helped me during a questionable time in my life. Personally my posts were and still are extremely random, with no discernible theme, just a smorgasbord of my mood at the time. That’s hasn’t changed by the way. However, since the start and subsequently using it as a shop window into this blog, it is truly incredible to know how inspiring it was for some.

I have had messages and notes come to me about how they have laughed reading my stuff, smiled at my pictures, died with awwww when my son graces the page, groaned, face palmed and trolled at my complimenting captions (thanks bro and sis). Others have looked inwards and became motivated to start something themselves or to rejuvenate what they also started. Some have literally salivated over their screen with food posts, and some have bitten their bottom lips with my handsomeness, and even more have loved the travels posts. In addition, new friends have been made, stories shared, and inspiration to do more. I’ve always said this being social media and all, you got to be social dude and dudettes! Engagement is fun and rewarding! What better way to converse with people from all over the world and make you realise how small you truly are in this world and life. Of course it’s still a great tool to boost your confidence especially for an outgoing vain handsome introvert like myself. And yes I get overly excited when I get a like. Don’t we all. We all strive to be liked, but for sure that shit needs to be controlled.

“You Keep it real” one friend said. I love that and long may that continue.

And that’s the core, being enabled to do this to just one person is awesome, but to so far this many… and think about it all the others doing the same, worldwide. Here’s to the next 500 or 1 follower, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is if each one of us can make each other smile, there is still hope in this world. That simple smile truly is the start to one peace, one love and one unity.


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Cheers! Zagreb, Croatia.