The Coffee Sessions: Made In Coffee

After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

Prague is one of the most prettiest cities in Eastern Europe. The operatic style of the buildings are mesmerising both during the day and night time strolls. After having stalked a few tour guides sightseeing the city, I decided to walk back to the hotel and by chance walked past a very cute hip coffee shop, Made In Coffee. Extremely small with no real seating area but the name of the place pulled me in. Plus I really needed an espresso after having a lovely, dirty, juicy doner kebab.

Walking up the bar seeing a lovely wooden slow drip cold brew coffee maker in operation I asked which blend is the best for a quick double espresso. They make their own blends which is always nice. The very friendly barista said have our mix blend which was a mix from Brazil, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Smiling and nodded yes my drink was made. I took my cup and sat on a small seat inside next to the window and took the obligatory photo with their artwork in the background. Taking a sip I realised the barista was not wrong, it was delicious. Quite sweet and not so bitter just how I like it. They also specialise in churros, I’m not the biggest fan of that kind of stuff but I’m told it’s really good. World famous in fact!

Whilst I was there another family came in, I think they were Italian from the sound of the language and espressos were shortly made. The guy wanted to pour sugar into his drink and I saw him looking around and then grab the salt in error. At this juncture yes I could have stopped him but for some reason I did not, I just sat there and watched as he poured a couple of teaspoons of salt in his coffee and giving it a good stir. Seeing him take a sip and then seeing his face all screwed up tasting salty coffee was all in pure slow motion hilarity. Oh I was giggling internally so much. Cruel I know but funny nonetheless.

Even though the place is tiny, they did have a little shelf porn of their goodies on display, which was great as it made me impulsively buy the exact blend to take home with me. They also very kindly grinded the beans for me which was awesome.

There’s a recurring theme to all the coffee places I’ve been too especially in Eastern Europe, why I actually visit and write about them. That is quite simply, passion. When you have a place where the barista or owners genuinely love what they do, for me, the coffee tastes that much better. The same applies to any eatery be it fine dining all the way to a food cart, when an individual genuinely has a passion for making something, you’re going to love it. What about you? What makes you love your coffee places?

I will be Prague again soon and for sure will be checking out other places, only because I am addicted to passion, and passion should be shared! Peace and Love.

Made In Coffee



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