The Coffee Sessions: Trofic and Frudisiac

After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

In my last post revelling in the awesomeness of Origo Coffee, we have a sister location and a place that takes inspiration from the Nordics, namely Trofic and Frudisiac.


Located in a corner building amongst some old run down buildings that i’m sure will house some cool venues sooner or later, this tiny place has a lot going for it. The coffee for sure, provided by Origo is as tasty as ever, but also serving some yummy food from a limited menu and the minimal but stylish decor. I loved the concrete industrial cosy vibe the place was oozing, the owner was extremely friendly as were the staff. I loved how when I complimented the food, he said he wants to aim for a unique style of food, not healthy though! I loved him in that instant.

As I sat outside on the bench after my meal, having one the best espresso macchiato’s ever, I noticed a sign on the door. No Smoking and No Laptops. I smiled. Yes its the cool thing to do, go to a coffee shop, have a coffee and pull out the laptop and do some work. I do it quite a bit when i’m travelling. Considering the size of this place, I totally understand why they have this in place. It doesn’t have that vibe either. This is a place to go to enjoy some of the best coffee in the country, have some yummy food and quick catch up with friends. I respect that.

Dull concrete and white tiles should not work, but it does.
Love the No Laptop sign
Small but delicious menu
Not the usual stuff for me but the poached egg won me over
No harm in a little spilt coffee 🙂


On the other hand Frudisiac with its Ikea Scandinavian inspired decor does have that kind of vibe, with its long communal table inside and open space. Even though not a large cafe by any stretch, it appears a lot more relaxed. Coffee is sourced from Drop Coffee Stockholm, and jaw dropping tasty, and the food was scrumptious. I’m so getting used to having avocado and salmon with rabbit food on bread these days. Next time will definitely try the pancakes as I heard they are just delish. Their freshly made juices are just divine. There is a terrace outside although on the pavement does have a barrier around it, which provides some form of seclusion.

The decor not only inside but outside is extremely eye catching, with its glossy black shell and wooden veneer adoring the terrace. Sleek, minimal and comfortable. Great spot to have brunch on a lazy weekend or a quick pick me up before work. Located in the north of the city where the neighbourhood is more calmer and residential, perfectly aligns itself with what Frudisiac is all about. To be your second home. Peace & Love.

Coffee and Juice
I have officially joined the hip avocado on bread crowd
Come on you know this was coming! 🙂

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