Tales of a Professional Introvert: Selling Power of Introverts

Continuing my series on how being a professional introvert is pretty awesome, I previously talked about what it means to be an introvert and how to use our powers to network. This time lets explore selling. Back in my commercial days, I dreaded the prospect of getting out there and selling. However my successes in gaining business externally and selling internally, stemmed from the qualities I had as an introvert, as opposed to when I tried to emulate the skills of an extrovert.

This is it right? You got out of networking alive, activated a connection, set up a meeting, now its crunch time. Yes, I’m also having palpitations right about now.  However, let’s take all that sweaty selling pressure out of the way for a moment. Reason being is that now, more than ever, traditional selling techniques of intruding, persuasion and relentless pushing is now quite honestly, outdated and ineffective. Effective modern selling relies upon the salesperson to perform extensive homework to understand the customer, listening to understand the need, and have the ability to be adaptable to unique requirements. Guess what? Those are exactly our superpowers!


Introverts love to research and similar to the homework done before we strutted our awesomeness during networking. Now our research extends to a greater level of detail with respect to the client and the clients environment. Armed with all that research places you as a person of expertise right off the bat when you’re in front of the client. This gains that valuable trust from them when you share knowledge and effortlessly exude passion when doing so. All without that “icky” factor a typical sales person promotes.

Listen and Frame

Now we have an intimate connection the next step is easy, we listen and listen attentively. Absorb and probe. Absorb and probe. I’m repeating because you will need to repeat to truly understand the layers of what they really need. This is the goldmine of information you will need to link into your value proposition. Immediately you can then frame the conversation and provide the solution. Not a product, but a solution. This then removes and mitigates the pressure of actually selling.

React and Adapt

We take immense pride in what we do, so let’s use that gift. It’s a gift that is valuable when we need react to individual needs. Those needs will come up naturally and unexpectedly as a result of the strong relationship you’ve defined. With that sense of pride, we really care and want to help. Whether you can see it or not, the client can and they will go with you.


I know this sounds incredibly cliche, or even silly, but I guarantee you, develop this superpower. For me personally I believe it’s the glue that holds everything together. When I say develop, I really mean is not to smile like a weirdo, just a gentle smile, be good humoured, and you’ll see the magic.

Remember to smile!

Next time we’ll explore delivering. As always welcome your comments and thoughts! Peace & Love.