2018: A Look Back

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So another year ends and what a year it was. Unlike 2017, this year was not an emotional rollercoaster. In fact reflecting back on 2018, I cannot help but have a feeling of being truly blessed. 

I kicked off the year with two extremely valuable conversations over naturally, a coffee. These two guys gave me more important advice than they actually realise. To summarise, one said “Just listen”, the other, “Give without intention”. In hindsight, yes both appear extremely logical and common sense, but actually executing on a frequent basis is harder than you think. The results though while persevering and when used in conjunction with other tactics, are truly outstanding. 

For instance the first, listening, I incorporated into my game plan at work. The second, give without intention, slightly harder to do, but I implemented through a series of professional and social articles, and at the workplace it became my mantra for every project, call, meeting, discussion, conversation I was involved in. On a personal level, I applied not only at home, but during my travels I have met so many people and whilst sharing a coffee together I listened and gave whatever I had. Was it exhausting, damn right, but was it worth it? Yes. A big fat yes.

Here’s what happened. Professionally, my credibility has sky rocketed. My name was on the lips of many people, recognition letters were received and opportunities abound. Feedback on my professional articles has just been incredible, personal notes of thanks, positive critical feedback received both verbally and written. 

Meeting people during my travels was not only fun but again without them realising how much I have learnt from them, and will form my approach next year. 

With my family, I know what you’re thinking, it should be this approach regardless. However sometimes it can the most easily neglected. With so much time away from home this year, my fear was how my son would feel. To overcome I focussed on what I could control. The time I was actually at home. In other words when I was home tried to utilise it as much as possible. I made a point every weekend, my son and I would spend at least an hour or so together alone, usually in the local coffee shop. It was important to get out of the house. Then quite simply he talks and I listen. The joy of seeing how awesome this little dude is becoming is a feeling that cannot be described, and for him the genuine smile, connection and love is just invaluable. 

There were a few things I could do better, health being one of the major ones. My diet was all over the place and exercising was just plain erratic. Explaining why I fell ill no less than 4 times in the year. However on the whole 2018 was a success for me. I set out the year with clear objectives; delivered and executed my game plan career wise, committed to writing resulting in 8 professional and 26 social articles (my target was 4 and 12 respectively), made sure my son kept smiling and kept on top of my prayers, even early morning ones to keep my spiritual balance and blessings in check. In all honestly, going through what I did in 2016-2017 actually was a key driver and enabler for what happened this year. It made me sit down and pull everything I had learned in my life so far, and focus it in a way to move forward. Have I achieved what I truly want? Of course not, but the right foot has been placed forward.

It’s important to also realise this was not a solo effort, I started the article off with advice from two friends, and they were just part of a bigger circle of support I had around me. Work colleagues, especially my partner at work critical in achieving the success we obtained. Personal friends who never failed to make me laugh and disgusted at the same time. Friends I made during my travels, stimulating not only my senses but mind, privileged to share passions together. My brothers and sister for trolling me on social media. My sons mother who supported and grounded me. My son for giving me a reason. The memory of my father for continually inspiring me. My mother who’s blessings I cannot live without. And many, many more. 

So what now? My friends now I relax for a bit, and set out my approach and goals for next year. Taking a drop by drop approach, enhance, refine and most of all, keep having fun. Stay blessed. Peace & Love.