Top 20 Toilet Decor in Europe

Wee Wee Interlude

It’s a natural thing to relieve ones bladder during the course of the day, even more so when you are out enjoying a meal or drink. During my travels I somehow started to get an obsession with restrooms and their décor. When an establishment makes an effort to add some humour or style to their toilets, it really shows the attention the owners have. It’s a great talking point and to some extent decent indirect marketing. I often get asked why I always take my phone when going to the toilet or questioned what took me so long. Pretty sure a lot of people thought I was either watching porn or having a shit. Taking a camera out in any country in the toilets isn’t exactly easily explainable if caught. So please enjoy my personal favourite shots I took with great risk of not getting punched in the face.

When you need to go, the first thing you look for is the sign that this door leads you to a place to go ahhhh. From signs that make it indiscernible to which is the gents, to secret entrances and themed signs. It all starts here.

Of course I went into the wrong one. Bonn, Germany.
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Themed decor is always nice to see, Birmingham, UK
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A Cuban themed bar will naturally have Che leading the way! Bratislava, Slovakia.
Indeed a Gent! where are they now…
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What lies behind this clandestine, secret bookshelf door? The toilets of course. Couldn’t take anymore shots as two women went in and I don’t really want to mess with them, they would destroy me. Kyiv, Ukraine.
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An old converted factory and warehouse hosted a cool brewery and burger joint. Loved the fact it was kept raw. Zagreb, Croatia

Once inside you can find a variety of styles; the dive bar type, to art that I’m sure is not replicated in the womens and to sights of beauty… in a toilet.

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In true dive bar style this unisex toilet had it all, graffiti, phone numbers, stickers, names, the highlight for sure was the footprints left on the toilet seat from the lady before me. Smiling as I can just imagine her thought, “No way am I sitting on this shit!”. Kyiv, Ukraine.
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Exposed brickwork is so in right now. Bratislava, Slovakia
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So beautiful. Toilets are not supposed to be this serene. Bucharest, Romania.
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Wee wee with education. Learn how coffee is made is this coffee joint. Awesome! Kyiv, Ukraine.
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I have a love affair with blocks of concrete. The urinals were of the same vain too. 
Dazzling, cool, modern, funky, but where the hell are the urinals and toilets. Was walking around desperate for at least a minute trying to figure it out. The door handles were black. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
This place was intent on you performing a wee wee fountain. Bonn, Germany.
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Always a top scorer here. This was fun. Zagreb, Croatia.
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Expected nothing less from this place considering the whole restaurant was of this psychedelic vibe. Belgrade, Serbia.
Easily the cleanest restroom I have used. Felt really guilty using it. Lodz, Poland.
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This was just so good giggling away while emptying the old tank. Love it! 
Understand why the mirrors everywhere give the illusion of space but still weird seeing multiple versions of myself with my pants down. Vienna, Austria.
That moment when you suddenly stop, mouth and eyes open, wondering if I entered the right one. Prague, CZ.
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Pretty sure the designer of this place was a voyeur. Lodz, Poland.

Cannot wait to see what this year brings as I purposely drink more just to venture to the loo. Leave you with a bonus shot where im sure the fitters just said, “Fuck it, this will do”. Happy wee wee! Peace and Love.

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Good job i’m a slim guy! Sofia, Bulgaria.