Social Music: Volume 1

Being a passionate music lover and with the belief that passion is to be shared, I conducted a little experiment on my Instagram account. With apps such as Story Chic, Made, Canva etc. enabling you to create some really cool looking story posts, I managed to flex my creativeness with what’s on my playlist. Taking a snapshot of the album cover and relevant picture I’ve taken, along with my favourite line of lyric I shared it along with clip of the tune. It was quite fun and challenging to not only come up with a cool looking post but also choosing a maximum 15 second clip of music.

Check out my story highlight: Music Lover ’19 for my choices of 2019 on my Instagram profile. Enjoy the pure clean art shots below my profile screenshot. I primarily use Made and Story Chic, both are extremely easy to use. Few bugs with text, but their template selection is cool. Used in combination with Word Swag or Typorama resolves the issue with texts. Love to know your thoughts and if there are any alternative apps with greater flexibility, as the templates although nice are a bit rigid. Had some great feedback on Instagram so will definitely continue in 2020! Peace&Love.