Back to the Iron… Again

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After getting my shit together last time, one item of my project get life back together, was to stop being a weakling. There was always this niggling feeling that I needed to get back into working out again. Granted the last time I did only lasted 5 weeks, the time before that 8 weeks. Yeah, that’s me all over, story of my life, never disciplined enough to stick at doing something long enough. Always something coming in the way…or was it just excuses? Most likely the latter but alas I digress. God I was weak. Emptying out my wardrobe for an imminent replacement really hit home, well actually hit my neck and back muscles. It hurt. It was at that precise moment of agony, I said the words out loud, “Fuck this shit, no more”. Called up Fitness4Less on the web, paid up for a 12 months membership. They have a swimming pool and steam room. That’s important. One, so I can also start not to suck at swimming, and two, steam rooms are great my skin. Getting old, and the only thing I have going in my life is my handsome face.

Skinny2Muscular blog. Yes I even created a blog back in 2014, when I last stepped in a gym. The same one I just signed up to in fact. Reading the entries, did make me chuckle. I’m actually pretty objectively funny. Yes, I also paused a bit while continuing. Let’s get back on track shall we.


The first of what was meant to be status poses. You can even see in my eyes I was taking the piss!



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3 years on, setting the base again. Yes I used a filter, the filter was called “too old”.


So what was my goal, what did I want to achieve. Strength. And some nice guns wouldn’t help either, but mostly strength. Did I mention I’m getting old, and one common thing I see as people get older, back problems. No way I wanted that bullshit if I can help it. Also, I want to make sure I have some kind of strength in me that I can at least do some pull ups in front of my son, and not be a total fucking embarrassment to him.

Program wise, reverted back to Stronglifts 5×5. Simple strength program, focussing on compound exercises. I was familiar with it, had the app, and able to do 3 times a week without interfering too much in my non existent life. I’m going to get back to updating the original blog again and I’ll post links here each time there is an update.


My progress from last time. Yes not even a full 6 weeks!


Will I stick to it this time for more than 5 weeks? I have to. Time will tell. There’s a new job opportunity that has come up and I’m praying everyday that I get it. Its perfect. It may impact of the gym regime, but this time, seriously dude, cut the bullshit excuses and let’s do this shit!


Still using the exact same gym gear. Dragon blue trainers are awesome. May need new trackie bottom as they ripped in the crotch area. Story for another time!