Stay Strong Barcelona

Here we go again. You know I try to avoid politics on Social Media. FaceBook was getting far too depressing with videos, articles and comments of so much hate. I mean really passionate hate. It made me really sad, affecting me on a personal level. So much so that I started to see people in a different way. And that really irked me. I was proud of myself being a person who was non judgmental and always saw the best in people, a sense of innocence (or ignorance depending on your point of view). However that though process within me was changing and definitely not the better. So I started to get into Instagram. It became my safe place to share my love of life, food, and to indulge in my various fetishes. It’s great, blissfully ignore the hate, and embrace the love and awesome things in life. Okay some of it is latex and leather loveliness.

However with the recent news of the awful terror attack in an awesome city that is personally beloved to me I felt compelled to share my thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families.

Barcelona is very close to me. It was not just a place of vacation or just any other city. Barcelona was special because of the numerous times I went there, the awesome times I spent with close ones, first times for many things in my life, home of professional colleagues who became close friends. Heck even one of my favourite horror movies .REC was based there! So to see flashes on my phone about attacks, vans running down people was deeply sad.

Just this week we witnessed a disgusting side of white supremacy in Charlottesville and for once Muslims and terrorism were not associated and now just days after this. As i’m writing this, I see attacks in Finland too, maybe the same in Russia. You have to think sometimes, the whole world was focussed on white supremacy and the US President unarguably incapable of even condemning the act, especially when you have the words white and terrorist in the same sentence. During this time, people of ALL ethnicities were united in the acts of violence by neo nazis et al. United. But not for long, and the day after, good old Muslim Terrorists are at it again, killing in double digit numbers. Not a week goes by without the words Muslim and Terrorist in the news. They have to keep the division between white and non whites right. While at the same time innocent people are killed, families are devastated, and hatred incited.

When will this end? Will it ever? Who knows. We look to our leaders and find little inspiration, we look to the media and find despair, so we have to look to one another. We have to.

One thing I know for sure is that we will not succumb to fear. I still have that little shining hope that together we will be strong, we will not be fearful, not bear hatred, bigotry, show prejudice but only respect and love for each other. United we stand, united we stay strong, united faith will overcome. Peace and Love. My thoughts and prayers to the latest victims, the past victims, the future victims…. on many sides. Bastards.