Friend’s Dads, Southall Broadway and a Baby

With the prince away again for a while and with word on the street that one of my best friend’s is in the country for a short while, I decided to head down to the capital and have a day and night with my only two friends. It has been months, maybe even a year since we physically met, even though we chat and banter on WhatsApp everyday.

My other best friend, K, had his first born around 4 months ago so had to see the little dude. Brown babies are too cute, so much more than white babies. Yes this seems racist, but its the truth! White babies are babies that aren’t ripe yet. We spent the afternoon, in his living room with my friend and his Dad. Uncle was something else. I really miss hanging out with older men, the stories, their experiences, their wisdom, their nature of putting you in your place because you actually know fuck all about life. I could spend all day and night listening to them. The big news in their homeland Pakistan, was the scandal of the Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif, whereby the pubic had found out he had been using money that clearly wasn’t his,  buying homes in London, we’re talking about millions of £’s. This by the way unwittingly leaked by his own son. Which did make me giggle as he stated it so proudly. We then talked about politics, the future of countries in South Asia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The upcoming independence day triggered another discussion on how Uncle used to be in the Air Force with many Bangladeshi or East Pakistani colleagues and friends, and how things got royally fucked. This by the way I will write separately as not only is it lengthy, complex but incredibly sad times that as an Asian must know. I’m still learning and researching. I guess i have become more mature to actively seek out what the fuck happened during that time. After I got stuffed by Auntie, with her pastries, chicken, chips, fruit, samosa’s, tea and coffee, my friend and I headed out to grab the other best friend, S.

Whilst driving through Southall Broadway, I still smile at the hustle of this area. Asians, Blacks, Eastern Europeans walking, eating, shopping. The blaring of Indian music, the smell of fresh gelabi thankfully overcoming the stink of body odour, made me think about all the other areas like this in the UK. How were these areas in the early 1900’s and prior, where there were no asians in this volume. What all classes of white english people actually think when they drive through areas like this. Thankful they do not live here? Prejudiced in their thoughts that this has been overtaken by a plethora of cultures? Or more positively, by welcoming the impact its having on the economy, being proud that the UK is a rich diverse multi ethnic country, or and lets be honest, don’t really give a shit. For me, I LOVE it! Yes I am biased, I’m asian. To have areas like this accessible for our food, clothes, entertainment, and a sense of belonging, what do you expect. Hell yeah! Would I live here, hell no! Is it wrong to want this but not live next to it? Is it hypocritical? Well, I love fried chicken, doesn’t mean I want to live in a fried chicken restaurant. Although…. no stop it. Seriously though, for me its more personal, that I prefer to live and sleep in an area that is less hectic and crazy, and less of local uncle and aunties stalking your every move. Not saying I want to live in the wilderness but a small town, not village, still close to the cities. Perhaps its my age, perhaps its because i’m boring, perhaps because I secretly love ghetto girls and this is a way to control myself, whatever the reason. Long may these asian roads in this country live and thrive be it; Southall Broadway, Green Street, Ladypool Road, Coventry Road, Wilmslow Road, Great Horton Street, and all the others. The gents, ladies, communities who have opened up shops, restaurants, places of worship and other establishments have down us all, ethnic and non ethnic, an extremely valued favour.