The Coffee Sessions: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

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After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

What better place to start than the awesome weird city of Portland from a few years back. Eventually getting bored of the Starbucks in front of the office in awesome Portland, really wanted to a different local coffee place to have my breaks in. Nothing against Starbucks, although apparently they don’t quite serve all now.

A few blocks behind the hotel I was staying in Downtown, I found the aptly named Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Hipster and lumbar sexual vibe for sure. Plus thankfully no work colleagues around which was an added bonus.

The place itself was an open, airy, typical urban, exposed brick decor. Large tables for communal chilling. I really dug it!

Funnily enough for an espresso loving guy I actually ordered a cappuccino. Yes fancied some latte art! So when I ordered, the barista looked at me in both amazement and a little surprised, replying “yeah, for sure, awesome man, I can do that!”, like this was truly the first time someone asked him to make a cappuccino … ever.

Watching him do his stuff, which was very cool by the way, and finishing off a lovely piece of latte art. After paying, saying thanks, we parted ways. I sat down, looked at my drink lovingly, smiled, took a photo and then proceeded to take a sip.

Suffice to say I wanted to get x-rated not only with the coffee but the actual barista too! Seriously that whole experience of service to the taste of coffee…. heart eyes!! If you asked me what the source of the coffee was, I could not tell you. It tasted great and for me thats all that matters. I am in no way a coffee connoisseur, and truth be told this wasn’t about the coffee, this was about the experience and the vibe.

After that this became my go to place, didn’t need anything else, just to come here, with my laptop have that sexually attractive cappuccino and their cool cola too! Awesome!

I feel the same!

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