Infinity War

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So. It’s finally here. After a decade of waiting, hoping, geeking out, spending way too much time thinking about it, finally watched Avengers: Infinity War. A live action movie of Infinity War. Having already seen it twice, I have seriously been thinking in the past couple of days of what to write about it. Its been extremely difficult to put words on electronic paper because truth be told I’m still absorbing it all.

Needless to say this is all big time major spoiler talk here. 



Rather than doing a review where there are plenty of those about, I wanted to just have a geekasm about my favourite scenes, things I wished was in the movie, thoughts on the ending and finally what this movie meant for me personally.

(A small caveat. The below is all incredibly random and not very structured at all, there’s just so much amazingness in this movie and just had to share! Please do geek out with me!)

Right from the start the Russo brothers were not messing around to show us how real of a badass Thanos was going to be in this. The whole opening scene drove home the seriousness of what was going to transpire over the next couple of hours. The highlight the Hulk vs Thanos fight. Really can’t wait to see this at home and see it in slow mo. The beat down Hulk gets is vicious and breathtakingly easy. Loved the choreography. That first punch Thanos lands on the Hulk and seeing him whimper, taken aback and shocked, was probably more emotional than the deaths later on in the movie!

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Josh Brolin perfectly captured Thanos

The music was just spectacular, each key scene having the right score from previous films was awesome. I loved the background score of Spider-man swinging entrance. Was so heroic yet innocent.

I love Captain America. Even though he has America in his name, I absolutely adore for what he stands for. His stance, his view in this modern time are more relevant than you can imagine. His entrance though, in the shadows with the train buzzing past, revealing himself in his full Nomad attire, oh man, cool doesn’t even begin to describe. More of this please!!! Plus i’m totally into his beard! One of the more weaker parts of the story though was actually the lack of Cap. Felt like the movie needed a few more scenes of Cap with Bucky, Black Panther, Black Widow, maybe even a little snippet of his Nomad life. But that line, “Earth just lost its best defender and we’re here to fight”. Goosebumps!

One of the highlights of Civil War and Homecoming was the Spider-Man / Iron Man relationship. Father Son mentor really hit home to me being a dad and all. This continues here and its so entertaining. “Do you remember this really old film called Aliens?” Peter, no matter what Tony says, do not stop with the pop culture references!

Dr Strange. Every frickin scene of Dr Strange was just magical. I am so glad they gave him such a prominent and important role. His powers when fighting Thanos were such a delight to see. I so hope the payoff comes with him in the sequel.

The funniest scenes which had me really laughing out loud were all the scenes with Thor interacting with the Guardians. From him hitting on Gamora, the insecurity of Starlord, to him calling Rocket rabbit and Groot Tree were hilarious. Was so good they followed on from the same humour from Ragnarok into here, it flowed so nicely and seamlessly.

I have an incredible secret crush on Zoe Saldana. Beautiful and such an amazing actress. Her emotions with Thanos really got me teary eyed, especially when Thanos sacrificed her. This version of Gamora isn’t the version I’m used to from the comics but Zoe makes it special for me. I don’t want to believe she is dead. Please have her just chilling in the soul world or something. I beg you!

The battle scenes were out of this world, but more importantly they were heartfelt in the sense we’ve seen these characters for a decade. Seeing them fight and knowing them just added to the epicness. Seeing Cap and Black Panther side by side running ahead at full speed made me smile. However the best, Thor with Rocket on his shoulder and Groot by his side entering the battle field with lightning was just pure cheer inducing fist pumping wide grinning awesome. Been a long time since I’ve rejoiced like that watching a movie. Also loved the Winter Soldier grabbing Rocket and holding out his arm spinning and shooting. It was these little moments that made the movie so special. Would love to see more but oh my days am I grateful for what we got!

I’m so glad the ladies got their own scene stealing battle scene; Black widow, Okoye and Wanda vs Proxima Midnight. When you hear Black Widow say “She’s not alone” and the camera panning over to her, then to Okoye, I felt something on my chest. An exciting warmth. Pure utter badass, of two women with no super powers being the Queens they are. And oh god so attractive! And please no judgment but I have a crush on Proxima Midnight…


I know i’m skipping right to the end but the final shot of Thanos resting directly from the comics as the end of the story was such a bold move. I loved this scene. It was exactly how he described it when asked what he will do afterwards. Thanos won. He won. As StarLord said, “Did we just lose?” Yes dude, and you are a dude, you did.

Smug Bastard!!

I know I’m being so greedy as I’m still amazed at what the writers and directors managed to cram in but you know we live in a world of never enough! A few things I would have loved to have seen; Captain america walking up to Thanos from the comic. When I first read this it just fortified my love for this guy. Really inspiring. That scene needs to happen.

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I still live in hope we will get this scene!

The Russo brothers said they cut out more back story of thanos. I hope it was filmed and simply not just put into the movie for length, as that means we can still see it. I live in hope that one day we will see an extended directors cut.

What about his love for death? The story was changed where Thanos now fights to create balance through genocide. Although I do like this arc and totally makes me understand his motives but I was really into the one way love infatuation Thanos has with Death, it was really interesting to read in the comics. Maybe little girl Gamora is now death? Yeah thats a bit out there. Thanos is a madman, yet his motives are understandable. He thinks he is doing the right thing. With his actions he has seen happiness and as he calls it, paradise. Even though it is morally not right at all and no way empathetic, and I don’t think they were going for this in any case. This question itself though, again very relevant to whats going on in the world now. Our resources are finite and running out. All it takes is one madman (and I think we already have a few of those in our reality), to act the same way. This notion of “balance’ is actually a very real threat in our world and time. The only difference we don’t have superheroes reminding us that “We don’t trade lives”. But, we must take inspiration from this and individually ourselves ensure we are moral.

Anyway, a little too deep for this article so what was up with the Hulk! We didn’t see the Hulk again after he got smashed by Thanos! Although it made perfect sense and a great arc for the ongoing Hulk narrative throughout the films but come on, with that kind of battle we needed the hulk in the fray!

The MCU guys did say quite a few times that this was not a part 1 of 2. However it clearly is. It is a part 1. I dont see it as the end, having listened and seen from critics a lot, they also see this as the end but not me. The end of phase 3 is Avengers 4 and to me will be Part 2 of this story. I may and probably be totally wrong but with the deaths this is a cliffhanger. Which is why the deaths weren’t as impactful to me. I absolutely loved the post snap death sequences in total silence with just the sound of dust, very hard to portray and it works so well. BUT you just know this is temporary. Especially since the original Avengers are not dead. The two deaths that got me emotional for sure was Loki and Spider-Man. Man Tom Holland is an awesome actor. In addition Dr Strange knew the way to victory, he surely did something and knows the way. He has to and so needs a payoff in the sequel! Please don’t screw this bit up!! All I know is that Avengers 4 is going to be a total cryfest, with the original Avengers more than likely sacrificing themselves for the new blood. Thats the one for sure that will get me crying into my hands.

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Dude… you just wait!

For some of you reading this you’re probably wondering, man who is this guy getting so emotional over a superhero movie! I don’t blame you! However I have been reading these comics since I was a kid all the way through and continuing in my adult life. I’ve been invested in these characters not only from the comics from when I was little cute boy but also these movies for the last ten years. These “heroes” always were close to me growing up. Captain America for inspiring me to stand up for what is right. Black Panther for showing me that people of colour (like myself) can be just as, if not more heroic and heroes are not just white skinned dudes. The X-Men showing and helping me through times of insecurity of being born to immigrants, being a minority, experiencing prejudice for just being different. Seeing Spider-Man go through some of the same issues I was going through as a teenager. The Hulk and Guardians for simply entertaining me and making me escape when real life was getting too much. I can go on and on and on. I think you get the message that this wasn’t just a movie, it was a culmination of my childhood and adulthood manifesting on the big screen and doing justice to the story, whilst still keeping in tune what these characters stand for me on a personal level. I remember seeing Iron Man at the cinema by myself, I was 28 at the time and was blown away. I didn’t know back then there was a post credit scene, so I lost my shit at home on YouTube when Nick Fury appeared! My son was barely a year old when I took him to watch the first Avengers flick, he didn’t make a sound but stayed wide eyed when the Hulk appeared while I lost my shit. The below picture I made when they announced Phase 3 slate October 2014, I remember I was in Istanbul at the time and again lost my shit when I saw Infinity War planned. So many little moments of joy over the years for this one. Coming up next we have Ant Man and the Wasp which looks pure awesome by the way, and by God do we need some humour now. Captain Marvel to take us back into the cosmos and then Avengers 4 to wrap up Phase 3. I’m patiently waiting for whats going to happen in Phase 4, however if i’m honest, even if it ended at Phase 3 I would still be ecstatic. We are so lucky to have had this and so many people have worked hard to do this for people like me. Marvel I salute you, love you and THANK YOU!!!

From October 2014 before Homecoming and Ant Man & Wasp were announced

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