The Coffee Sessions: BOB Coffee Lab

BOB Coffee Lab, Bucharest

After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

Bucharest isn’t really a destination most travellers think of spending time in. Heck even I didn’t even give it much thought when I landed there and taking off in a car for a lone road trip to Brasov, Transylvania and the amazing Transfagarasan. However having spent some significant amount of time in the city through work, I very quickly realised that is an extremely dynamic and fun place to explore. Sure, you can’t get away from the heavy communist hitting buildings, but beyond that you have some lovely Orthodox Churches, residential homes mixing up middle eastern with Mediterranean style and lucky for us, some very trendy coffee shops. The coffee scene seems to have exploded in Bucharest and there is no shortage of cool cafe’s to sample some extremely tasty speciality coffee.

BOB Coffee Lab is a perfect example of this hip scene. Having its focus on the roasting of coffee beans and the actual café an extension of their roasting, goes to show their primary focus. The premises itself is actually a converted garage which is under an apartment block. Already, even with that entrepreneurism this place has won my heart and I haven’t tasted anything yet!

Venturing into the small café, you cant help but notice to the left a porthole with a cute insight into their “coffee lab”. Love it! See the magic of the roasting while your drinking the result. Their blends include both South America and Africa, however I was recommended by the lovely barista to try the Costa Rican blend. When she warned me that it was sweet, I smiled and mouthed the word, “Perfecto!”. Not sure why and how “Perfecto!” got incorporated into my vocabulary, although arguably, it is better than “Coolio”.

With it being a lovely day I sat outside where you can either sit on the incline path to the café or to the side where there is a little urban terrace recess, perfect to watch people walk by. If that’s your thing. Your drinks are served on a cute wooden tray with an even cuter little glass with for your spoon. Plain, orange or cucumber scented water is freely available from the country to perfectly complement your chosen poison. And what poison it was. The double espresso was delicious and sweet, no need to add sugar, which I know coffee purists balk at anyway. Since then the Costa Rican blend has now become a firm favourite of mine. My friend’s flat white was silky smooth as was the Espresso Macchiato. I adored the fact the barista put the attention of mini latte art on my macchiato, such a lovely touch. It is not surprising, reading their website you can immediately tell that for them, coffee is an art form and that same passion is strongly presented to you with their style, service and taste. A firm favourite, thanks guys! Peace & Love.

BOB Coffee Lab, Charles de Gaulle, 3, Bucuresti, Romania

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Theres usually a garage where the shop front is
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Loved the little details dotted around a small yet open space inside
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Simple yet beautiful wooden serving platter
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Getting artistic
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Getting even more artistic
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Trying to get the logo in
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What? You thought no selfie?? 🙂