The Coffee Sessions: Pożegnanie z Afryką (Farewell Africa)

After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

Oh my! I have never seen so many different varieties of coffee to choose from. Perusing through the extensive menu, Pożegnanie z Afryką have sourced their beans from all parts of the globe, Central and Latin America, East Africa and even South Asia.


Apparently being the first speciality coffee shop in the country, I was not surprised that I had to wait to take a seat outside on their terrace. Taking a break exploring the city, I wandered down a street running parallel to Warsaw’s Old Town, Krakowskie Prezedmiescie and found this very humble looking place.


While I was waiting I took a look inside and the decor was beautiful, true to its namesake fashioning tribal African themes all over the place. It would be rude not to first try an African blend, so I chose the Kenyan one. Double espresso for sure. Taking a sip after stirring, the taste was slightly bitter. So all you coffee purists you can look away while I added a little sugar to sweeten this bit of delightfulness up. If I added a little steamed milk, pretty sure I would have done without the sugar. Along with my coffee, what is now becoming a habit, I ordered freshly made house lemonade. Perfect for the hot weather and had a pretty cool fruit cocktail inside which just added to the tangy flavour. For my second treat, I decided to come back to Costa Rica which was lovely and sweet, just like the service.

Relaxing away, people watching the tourists walk on by, the buskers playing tunes to earn some money, soaking up the atmosphere, I smiled. I smiled because it was nice to have some coffee in a non hip trendy industrial vibe cafe for a change, in a place where coffee was their focus and proud to honour the region it comes from. It was not only the lemonade that was refreshing. Peace and Love.


Pożegnanie z Afryką, Freta 4/6, 00-227 Warszawa, Poland

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