Canny Bites: 52 Bites of Wisdom for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Granted there are a lot of business books out there let alone resources on the internet, but recently had the opportunity to download this short quick book for free written by person who I have long admired. My plan was to read it on the plane, however since reading the first chapter I burned through it in one sitting. Purely because as the title of book states, it’s jam packed of really good “bites” of professional awesomeness. Pun intended. Although appearing to be just a list of points to take on board, reading it from start to finish had a natural flow that prevented me from putting it down. The author Safaraz Ali clearly put a lot of thought into telling a story whilst keeping things simple. My favourite aspect was the question to “chew” on after each “bite”. Personally I’m a person who dislikes being told what to do, but rather give me a little tidbit that I didn’t think about and let me deep dive, explore, apply and take action on.

In terms of content, it’s a fantastic foundation to not just a person starting or wanting to grow their own business but even for employees wishing to get better at what they do. For example one chewing question I loved and which happens to be my personal mantra, “How do you create value?”. What is your value proposition to you clients, customers, employees, to the organisation you work for and even to yourself. (Remember us introverts like to look inwards). I wanted to share how I personally do this.


The reason you exist and the reason you do what you do is because there is a problem that needs solving. Clearly define that problem to make sure that problem is still valid, occurring, needs fixing quickly and underserved.


What is it about you, your method, your product, your solution that makes it difficult for the stakeholder to chose someone or something else over you.


“I can save or make you x amount of money”. Yes of course money talks. However what use is that when the risk is just as high or even costlier. Measure quantifiably both the gain and the risk. In others words there must be more to gain than lose. Even worse if the result of doing nothing doesn’t tip the balance, then its time to re-evaluate.


This may seem the most obvious of all, but all that hard work means nothing if you don’t deliver on the promise you have carefully built. This isn’t simply producing the product/ solution but delivering the actual benefit you are here to provide.

How you communicate  is just as important, but to phrase a quote from the book I have just read, “Consistency is the key when it comes to success”.

Thanks Safaraz for an insightful read and giving me something to chew on for my next projects and my continuing journey.


About Safaraz Ali

Safaraz created Pathway2Grow, which has the tag line “Network, Learn, and Grow”, with the vision to conduct business networking differently through creating a vibrant network that develops and serves business communities nationally. Through the vehicle of TCI Pathway Ltd, Safaraz offers Independent strategy, advice, and investment for private businesses specialising in social care, education, training, and recruitment sectors. You can contact Safaraz on his social media feeds: LinkedIn and Twitter .

His book is available on Amazon as a free digital download for short while, recommend you give it a go!