The Coffee Sessions: Origo Coffee

After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

Ive said this before, the coffee scene in Bucharest has exploded. Each one unique and taking the passion of roasting and serving coffee seriously. However it all started with this place, Origo. With its cool coffee cups dangling from the ceiling at the bar, the cafe has a hip ambience about itself.

Looks cool doesn’t it! (heart eyes!!)

Located quite close to the Old Town, it’s close to some other trendy restaurants and bars, and arguably still one of the best coffee shops in the city. It’s really hard to disagree. Upon waiting for a table, you are asked what you would like. It’s clear that the serving staff know their stuff, talking about the different blends they have currently, the best way to have it, what complements what, and all said to you in such a friendly passionate way that you can’t help but be enamoured without even having a sip!

Starting with the recommended Kenyan blend, double espresso was promptly ordered while my companion had her usual Flat White of the same blend. Not an understatement that our server undersold, it was delicious. Sitting outside on the terrace which was literally on the pavement, there was a strong neighbourhood vibe. Families, groups of friends, lone coffee drinkers were but just a sample of the crowd wanting to experience Origo.

Double Espresso means double the yumminess!
Can’t go wrong with a Flat White
Espresso Macchiato with some lovely latte art. 

For our second round of drinks, went for the Cost Rican blend and some refreshing juices. This time the lovely waitress was so passionate when she explained the juices they had on offer, iced coffee and her personal favourite fruit cocktail. Needless to say perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Refreshing Fruit Cocktail on the left and delicious Iced Coffee on the right
Loved the little vintage equipment scattered around the bar

Inside the decor the usual urban style with the iconic cups adorning the bar. Really clever idea and totally works. It was heaving inside with no visible free space. With so many coffee shops in the city, it tells you loud and clear, they were the first and remain the best. Peace & Love.

Coffee that makes your heart smile!

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