The Coffee Sessions: Hot Air Cafe

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After visiting so many coffee shops thought it would be cool to share some of the places I’ve had my double espresso shots in! Check out more Coffee Sessions Here.

This time a great hip place in Poland, Lodz. Arrived to Lodz very early, don’t you just love catching a flight at 6 in the morning? After checking into my hotel wanted to catch up on some work and as always felt very claustrophobic in my room. Wasn’t too long till I pulled up trusty Google maps and searched for a coffee place close by to while away a couple of hours. Thankfully Hot Air cafe was within 5 minutes stroll down basically the only street in Lodz, Piotrkowska.

The place was actually off the main street into an open yard where there a few other restaurants and wine bars. Having located the subtle exterior of the place, opening the door and walking in you are immediately drawn the artwork on the ceiling.


A beautiful hand drawn mural of a  steam punk hot air balloon brightly coloured perfectly contrasting the urban furniture. A single long table with a till and cake display served as the order point. It was clear this place was a labour of love for the owner, a really friendly young guy who was so happy to serve me my espresso, cappuccino and cake, which was scrumptious by the way.

The coffee itself was delicous and whats interesting was that beans were not your usual South American blends, but from Africa (Wakanda Forever). Ethiopian and Rwanda to name a couple. I also loved the Ikea like shelf porn of little goodies, coffee beans, cups, books, jars and many other treasures. If you’re after your connoisseur brews, hot or cold, this guy will do it too.

Impressive latte art

The seating is quite limited considering the size, but whilst I was there you had families, some hip dudes and dudettes, middle aged couple and an old handsome brown guy. It was a nice homely friendly vibe. Apparently the artist who did the artwork was a local artist and a friend of the owners, told the guy, hey do what you want, and this was the result. Love that attitude. Also a second water jar with fresh oranges inside was a nice touch. In the end I managed to get my work done, chill, read, do a bit of writing and have a cool chat with the owner. When I explored Lodz a bit more, I did not notice any other coffee shops of this vibe and style, he was telling me not many around like this, so he’s definitely ahead of the ball here. Hip urban coffee shops are now not only a trend but a phenomenon. I’ll be in Lodz again very soon and for sure I’ll be paying a visit again, no matter how far my hotel is.

Like a selfie wasn’t going to happen!

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