The Power of Talking

It’s Friday afternoon. Weekend mode is coming up. Whilst sipping on my coffee reflecting back on the week I quickly realised this has been an amazing week for talking. None of it though was face to face mind you which made me fascinated even more so. This week apart from the usual conference calls, project updates, I also had my mentor session, accountability partner session, both squeezed in amongst my daily co-pilot, partner in crime calls and anchor conversations. That was a lot of talking during the days. Wow. However each one was not only meaningful but also a pleasure. Every one of those talks were productive, forward moving, structured, giving and simply just smile inducing. Allow me to share a few anecdotes as to why this happened.

Listening with Empathy

Every conversation I have, my core was always “Shut up and Listen”, but there’s more to it then that. It’s also having a level of empathy while listening and responding in the same vein. “Why does it make you feel like that?”, “How did you do that?”, “What did you talk about?”. Responding like that really opened up the conversations and in turn allowed ideas to be then further thrown in and discussed. Almost going through a level of catharsis to move forward.

Talking about Ourselves

Letting others talk about themselves has the same reward as sex. Yeah, I know right?!! Scientists in Harvard found that talking about yourself causes you to have the same pleasure as if you were having sex or eating chocolate. So now imagine if you have conversations that mutually lets each talk about themselves. Now you know the secret behind the smile of my Friday coffee selfies!


I truly believe there will always be at least one thing in common with a person you talk to. Finding that and using that similarity between naturally then gravitates the conversation to what we both like. If we both are interested in what we are spending time talking about, the above two points come effortlessly and subsequently it becomes a much adored cooperation.


If you have read my articles or my book you will always find my talking about how important it is to smile. This week all my conversations were not in person, yet that did not stop me from opening every call with a smile. Nor did I stop waving my hands around, or walking,.. with a smile. The smile is so powerful its visible when even if you are physically not visible.

Making Time

No matter how busy things can get, I made time to have even the slightest of touchpoint to say “Hi” or to ask “How are you?”, because sometimes, your voice, no matter the words is what a person just needs to hear for a few seconds.

Have an awesome weekend and let’s keep building those bridges! Peace and Love.

PS Thats my book in the background.. go buy it! 🙂