2017 – Socially Fit

With the gift of time, outside of sorting my career problems I started to explore and in one case rejuvenate some passions of mine. One passion of mine, looking at myself in the mirror.

Mirrors are both great and dangerous. The reflection of oneself can be interpreted in many ways. With me, when I look in the mirror i’m pretty much like the Fonz…. already cool. Yet beneath that, I knew I was getting weaker. My strength was waning. So I went back to the iron, and started again. I have to say going to the gym 3 times a week, working out, made me really happy. The natural endorphins released made me light up both in and out. The major thing going to thy gym helped me with was changing my routine. By incorporating and maintaining the discipline, made such a change to not only my daily productivity but life in general. I got more work done, I worked on the premise of small progressive goals, I was more cheery at home and outside, most importantly helped me at a time to pull myself up and stand tall, and recognise the fact that ‘hey, I can do this, I am not worthless’. That, transpired across every aspect of my life.

I’ve hit a little roadblock past 2 months due to the travelling, only utilising hotel gyms as best a possible, but with the travelling hopefully easing down a little next year time to kickstart again. No excuses. Also, it’s been great taking pics of myself at the gym, yes I want to be one of those guys, but from a real hairy mans perspective. If I can motivate at least one person then its worth it! However lets also take a reality check, 3 times a week, is more than enough. I have succumbed to the fact that I will never have a six-pack, for the sole reason that I love food way too much. Life is short and I refuse to not enjoy food. Sorry, nothing wrong with others that do, but I simply cannot do without my juicy fatty kebabs. My passion for food lead me to a platform I thought I would never explore. Instagram.

Having missed the “millennials” generation by a couple of years, I was very slow on the uptake of social media. I like to think also it was because I wasn’t tech savvy, but in reality I just didn’t have any friends to be “social” with. My idea of social media was AOL messenger. ASL anybody? However eventually I joined FaceBook around a decade ago, because of a girl(s), of course. FaceBook was my only real presence on Social Media; uploaded some pics, shared a few viral videos, kept in touch with family and friends around the world, and soon basically became a time pass for my mum. With the recent events of the world, both local and international, FaceBook fast became depressing. Really depressing. Constant news feeds on bullshit that was happening, coupled with comments of hate, fear and misunderstanding. It really got to me. It was my friend who asked why I wasn’t on Instagram as I love photos. I replied back, ‘because I’m not a teenager’. After she giggled like a teenager she explained her reason for Insta. Like a virtual diary of her life and travels. That appealed to me. A lot. One of the lessons I’ve learned these past couple of years, it is never too late to do anything. Being on the wrong side of 30, I realised all my memories were in my head, which is fine for sure, but one of the most relaxing things I do is sit back with a coffee, smoke and recall past experiences. And now I have a visual aid. So inspired by my friend, check her out she’s awesome, I ventured into the world of Instagram.

My first Instagram Post

Instagram fast became my happy place. Not only did it enable me to share my passion of food, travels, my son and my handsome self, it also became a place to indulge in my secret fetishes (explained in a follow up entry! Unfortunately I have plenty of those!). A place to forget about all the things going on in the world, which was depressing me to no end. Away from work as you need to switch off from that part of your life. It took me a while however, to get out of the mindset of needing more likes, needing more followers. Realising very quickly I need to stop this shit right now. After I extracted that mentality out of me, I have really enjoyed the ‘gram! The only downside is taking loads of photos, getting the perfect shot, annoying my friends by saying ‘yeah just one more’, almost getting run over while getting ‘that’ shot. But you know what, deep down, I love it. Despite the trolling by my brother, the face palm of my sister, the look of confusion on my friends face, Instagram and this blog, really has become therapeutic for me. It makes me happy and it’s as simple as that.

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Happy Chappy!


One of the most unexpected outcomes of Instagram though, were the friends I have made through it. For sure, virtual in every sense. But real to me nonetheless. I love the idea of sharing passion and I love to see the passion of others. Passion is a massive thing for me. At the end of the day this is social media, with the emphasis on social. Engaging with others and others engaging with me, was really such a pleasant unexpected experience. I am honoured to have made friends on this platform and long may it continue. We may never meet for sure, which does sadden me a little, but still extremely happy I am connected with them, even though I don’t even know half their names! So to that end here are some of my fellow Instagrammers that have become close to me, check them out, follow them, whatever, but to me you guys and gals are in my heart! I wish I could list everyone, sorry if i’ve missed anyone off, only because i’m forgetful not that you are not special! 🙂

@foodfun4life One of the very first friends I made. Actually connected through the restaurant page, I decided to follow personally. The pictures of food she has made herself is simply amazing. I am in love with not only the food, but the dinnerware more than anything!! The banter we have makes me giggle out loud, real sharp wit. Such an awesome and beautiful person.

@anetkassss This woman continues to inspire me, because its no lie i am the exact opposite of vegetarian, but she makes everything look so appetising. I really need her to cook me breakfast one day!! We talked about journeys and hers is a testament to what can be done. Gorgeous woman also!

@dearderya My beautiful friend I mentioned above and met through work years ago. This is the person to blame for my presence on Instagram! Through Insta we have kept in touch and to this day she inspires me to experience the world, no matter which way, just do it.

@unscriptedky I discovered these beautiful people through their blog, their review of making a murder show in Netflix, resonated with me so much. So much so I fell off my bed laughing so much. Since then been a fan, never have I seen a podcast go into so much depth about sweets and doughnuts. They made me want to actually make love to doughnuts… “them holes though”, I implore you to check them out. They are not only hilarious but such humble cool people. Peace you guys!

@jinayonellen Another friend connected with since the very beginning. Not only gorgeous, but took me on a whirlwind tour of europe with my eyes and mouth. Check out her blog, some awesome recipes. She makes the best sauces hands down!

@sonjavelvet Cool. Oh man, I thought I was cool but Sonja is just on another level. Musician, philosopher, influencer, motivator and hot all at the same time. I’m a big fan of electronic music so of course I’m biased, but she’s got some amazing tunes. Much love!

@miss_c_l_r A fellow Brummy, she wears thigh high boots and she’s witty as hell. Always entertaining and charming.

@mari_mystyle Mari reminds me of a princess. Everything about her is just pure magical and of elegance. Love her style and fashion, and always looks so fun to hang out. One day we will have that drink Mari!

@anandreah The most beautiful and hottest entrepreneur I know. Plus the fact she finds me hilarious. Especially when my intention was not to be funny. Its great to make her die of laughter. Thanks…. thanks so much.

@janellea33 Her food pics are always of awesome comfort food, that makes me yearn for my time in the states again. She batshit crazy though, but in such an awesome way! Never known anyone to get into trouble with Instagram as much as her though, which cracks me up so much.

@milo_meeko Someone I actually know in real life! lol! But like me, so not into social media, and I like to think I inspired her. Only fair as she inspired me in more ways than she knows, since the first time we met. Her page, all about her cute dogs. Even me, stone cold robot even let out an “awwww”.

@scandinavian_woman_over_fifty_ It is no lie I LOVE older women, and Karin simply makes my day, every day wth her beauty and fashion. Secret admirer of hers!

Again apologies if i’ve missed anyone! So….bring on 2018, i’m glad we are together for the ride. Hope our friendship continues and grows. Hope I get a few more readers than one on here, hope we all have a banging 2018. Peace and Love! You guys and all the others on a personal level give me a glimmer of hope in this world. Why? I’ll tell you why in Part 3 – Dafuq.

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